Athena Shows Why It’s The ‘Perfect Match’ For Home Loan Clients Via The Royals

The campaign consists of three TV spots and traces the journey of a candidate trying to choose between Athena and Beep Bank, a traditional mortgage lender.

Mortgage lender Athena’s latest hard-hitting TV campaign gives viewers a direct comparison of what clients get with Athena compared to banks, using the entertaining concept of a matchmaking show.

A potential home loan client can decide whether they’d like to be tied up with decades of debt or whether they’d prefer something short and sweet, in the latest Athena Home Loans TV campaign created by The Royals.

Shot in matchmaking TV show format, TAKE ME HOME LOAN consists of three TV spots and traces the journey of a candidate trying to choose between Athena and Beep Bank – a traditional mortgage lender.

It quickly becomes apparent that this is a choice between a lender who has the best interests of the client at heart and one who simply prefers to neglect him in an unrewarding relationship.

Starring an enthusiastic TV show host, heckling the audience and a multitude of puns, TAKE ME HOME LOAN pursues the strategy of emphasizing the advantages of being with Athena over banks.

“Using the well-known format of a matchmaking program, we set out to create an authentic-looking TV show, highlighting the big differences between Athena and traditional lenders while reminding our audience that with Athena Home Loans – they can find a mortgage they can actually love, “said Seb Vizor, executive creative director of the Royals, Sydney.

The TV spots are supported by social and digital advertising and build on The Royals’ award-winning radio campaign in which Beep Bank responds to customer queries, reinforcing the confusing fees and complicated processes of traditional lenders.

Since launching in early 2019 with the ‘Like Us and Leave Us’ branded platform, Athena has been on a mission to help Australians pay off their mortgage faster while providing a great experience along the way. .

It delivers on that promise by immediately and fully passing on RBA rate cuts, offering an automatic rate match guarantee that promises to never offer new customers better rates than existing customers on a comparable rate loan, without fees and ‘home loan hacks’ all designed to help Australians pay off their loans.

“As a brand challenger, Athena is focused on executing bold, courageous and differentiated marketing, exposing the behaviors of banks that do not act in the best interests of customers,” said Natalie Dinsdale, chief marketing officer of ‘Athena.

“The analogy of a matchmaking show provided the perfect vehicle to give viewers a straightforward comparison in a humorous way and articulate the dialogue into moving customer truth – the banks are not on your side.”


Client: Athena Home Loans
Creative company: The Royals
Production company: Rabbit
Director: Al Morrow
Producer: Marcus Butler
Offline Editor: Gabe Dowrick
Post-production: White chocolate
Sound design: Liam Anert, Rumble

Robert P. Matthews