A severe debt crisis is unfolding in the poorest part of the world: a way forward

Our world today is now hugely interconnected and interdependent, it is alive, thriving 24x7x365 and interactive, yet separated, by minds scared and unable to decipher the new limitless landscapes, unable to read the collaborative intricacies, therefore seeking ideological refuge in tribalism. The world isn’t at war, it’s caged spirits.

Worldwide, some 200 nations and 10,000 cities face technological calamities; the unstoppable downpours of nigh-free technologies on flooded withered economies, caught in hyper-fast processing, fierce global hypersonic competitiveness, while the world’s population is stunned by inflation, recession and depression, battling the climate change and crises of political change looking to save their own lives, peace has disrupted nations.

From now on, some nations advance hour by hour, some wander around the sundials waiting for the right sunshine to measure the time and others in search of the sundials. Identifying who is who is easy because technology creates exposure and transparency. Political leaders around the world are currently busy slaying the economic dragon to finance wars. Spirits were meant to create grassroots prosperity and improve citizens’ skills, but not grassroots destruction.

The citizens; stretching across the free world, national citizens, frozen like an NFT with no new skills and reskilling still stuck in the mud. A tiny number of economies are progressing while others are only rapidly retreating. A new global financial landscape is slowly emerging.

The term “economics” as a “science of numbers” has visibly failed and as a ‘behavioral science’ now begging for a pacifier and a diaper change, critically bereft of entrepreneurship, now longs to retreat into the abstract glories of the past, so what will happen? What new rules will emerge and what kind of new spirits are called? When obesity needs a life-size mirror, economic development needs a calculator from the local dollar store. Silence is not the answer.

The World Wars of the Minds: When they are already hypnotized, they fight the counterfeit hypnotized; illusionists fighting hallucinations on vision. Hypo-crypto-tyrannies fighting NFT framed ideologies. When propaganda defines breaking news, when politics is all smoked and mirrored in search of bipolar minds. Elections remains the only repeated entertainment series about Wokeism blending into Fakeism.

However, global economies, now yielding to the standardization of corruption as a justification to protect persistent incompetence, the battlefields of mind maps are well drawn. Therefore, when almost everything is fake, only human bodies are real, starvation is real, and blood is real.

Nevertheless, Humanity is not the Animal; so long as there is a distinct consciousness of spirit possession, the miracle known to the universe, claimed and isolated from the animal species. Beyond the horizon lies a better-lit world. Change is a must. Often, change is impossible, accepting change is not a sign of giving up but rather a demonstration of courage to move forward. The new thought is still very offensive; debating new ideas is not fighting but a sign of wisdom and critical thinking.

Are there any corrective models left? Are citizens so far behind the age of techno-calamity that they can’t cope? Have technologically advanced culture and high-priced, mass-produced business education become the wrong choice and create obsolete experts in already abandoned business models? Is leadership capable of creating meritocracy or moving toward drainage?

Maybe it’s just the battle from “outside” as that which is outside of us, and he has now overcome us on what is “inside” of us, or that which is in our minds hidden or untapped. Culturally, the materialistic exterior intensely focused on the highly visible counterfeit of exterior enamel, tone, facade and patina, today losing its value and luster, now clings to the deeper issues of the interior, wisdom, emotions, truth and meaning of life and the variations of success and degrees of advancement. Is this why Western economies today have mental health as the number one issue out of the real challenges to human productivity?

Don’t just see with your eyes: However, what is visible only remains visible for a while, what is invisible remains forever, so seeing with the spirit is also much more valuable? Is this the moment when suddenly the masses can aim for the common good?

Nations just don’t walk to other nations; only elected national leaders send their innocents marching into deadly traps. Find out why half the world is already on the brink of nuclear war, as if they were all guaranteed a one-way flight to Mars just before the big flash of light. The dishwasher-sized capsule will have a barcode bearing DNA and fintech options

Lessons learned from the last millennia:

The trajectory of humanity on the structuring social balances until today: The creation of the First World measured in power, over the millennia; created where elitism began, the color of supremacy was white, gold a standard, progress won openly or models stolen, via slavery, servitude, domination of civilization.

The second world remained in a catch-up to power doctrine enforced “fake it until you make it”, catching up with The First World. The Third World emerged by creating a conscious public with a certain power, This last century; where populous nations dreamed and struggled to become and survive like the knowledge-rich nations of the first world. Now the arrival of

The Fourth World now tries to create the common good as a new power. As our new digitally connected, borderless global population. Now they share the community of problems, create new vision and collaborate on solutions for a better life and pursuing the common good.

If the First World and the Second World have proven their power through a “seek and destroy” mentality, is it possible that the Third World and Fourth World are instead building communities and a global common good for a better and sustainable life. What does all this mean, with the world divided not by race and religion but by ideologies, and the global economy in ideological wars? What does all this mean?

The Order of Debt Imbecilians; when falsehood oozes from every little crevice of the skull, when greed, the only audible word from scavengers, the Fools of the Order of Debt, gathers to feast on their accumulated debt. No, there is no solution. The cycle must end. A total disruption necessary to create a new thought. Small businesses only go to jail for photocopying a dollar, here whole treasures are regularly reproduced.

Visible through the badly damaged free economies of the world; the persistent and irrational brutality against citizens, the chaos and turmoil among leaders, through the corridors of the elite where billions of restless people are now gearing up and demanding justice. The thin blue line trembles, militarized reinforcements await, the sirens of confusion sound, the anaconda of silence strangles the stories even more harshly.

Economic models too severely undermined, rotten to the core, now staring at impossibility, it takes whole new thinking, bold storytelling and entrepreneurial mindsets. Nevertheless, necessary as always, first create some kind of war. The World Wars of Minds.

What is sorely lacking are open and bold discussions; corrective action must seek new warriors with new collaborative narratives about mobilizing national entrepreneurship to rebuild broken economies, in search of diversity, tolerance and grassroots prosperity. This time it’s humanity that needs a diaper change; he will therefore eventually learn to walk. No need to press that red button. The rest is easy.

Robert P. Matthews